Home Cisco Cisco Data CenterThe Complete Cisco Nexus vPC Guide. Features & Advantages, Design Guidelines, Configuration, Failure Scenarios This is the interface that is a member of one of the vPCs configured on the vPC peers. Cisco Fabric Services (CFS). This protocol is used for...
  • Cisco Nexus 3000 NX-OS Interfaces Configuration Guide, Release 5.0(3)U3(1) OL-26623-01 13 Configuring Layer 3 Interfaces Feature History for Layer 3 Interfaces. Cisco Nexus 3000 NX-OS Interfaces Configuration Guide, Release 5.0(3)U3(1) 14 OL-26623-01

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    Hi Rajib, Thanks for this explanation in simplest way. I have a question on below scenario. Incase a server connected to nexus (N9K) switches (switches are in vpc-peer) having teaming at server side but no port channel and vpc configuration on nexus switches interfaces for this server, will it cause any traffic disruption if either of nexus switch fails ? as since this server connectivity is ...

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    This page shows a list of routers supporting NAT Loopback. Please add both known working and non-working routers to the list. If solving the problem by configuring your router turns out not to be possible, you can work around it by setting up some IPTable rules on the computer you're using to browse the web (assuming it's a GNU/Linux OS).

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    The commands to configure the timers statically are executed under interface configuration mode and is done on a per-interface basis. To configure the hello timer, you’d use the ip ospf hello-interval # whereas # is a number between 1 and 65535 seconds. To configure the dead timer you’ll use the ip ospf dead-interval # whereas # is a number ...

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